21 Savage – Magma Savage (prod. by MMB)

M.M.B has released his latest beat called "Magma Savage", featuring the vocals from Savage 21 and Metro Boomin'. The video is a mash-up that was edited by yours truly @SoundoftheDrill.

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Rapper: 21 Savage

Producer: Metro Boomin

Producer: M.M.B

Media Description

Hip-Hop producer M.M.B (@MMBBangin) released his version of 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’s ‘Don’t Come Out The House’. The talented producer created the beat as well as mixed down the artists vocals, for this ferocious remix titledΒ  “Magma Savage”.Β 

The video was edited by @SoundoftheDrill for promotional use only, I wanted to share the beat made by M.M.B. That way if rappers and artists hear it, you can see what it would sound like with vocals over it. Like what you heard, or record music professionally? If so, contact @mmbbangin on Instagram and find out how to use this beat, or any other of his knockin’ creations.

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Here’s what the supporters have to say about “Magma Savage” by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin: (Coming Soon)

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