3 Lack On Da Beat x 05 – Trigger (UK/Arabic Drill Beat)

Listen to 3 Lack On Da Beat x 05's new beat titled "Trigger". Free for non-profit use or purchase a license to use on major platforms.

3 Lack On Da Beat and 05 (Zero Five) team up for this heat called “Trigger”. It’s a Drill type beat to the style or sound of Digga D or ActiveGxng. The thing about Trigga that SOTD enjoyed, it gave off an Arabic hip hop vibe too it, great sample choice. Hopefully we’ll hear an artist hit this beat and we can post that audio or video on SoundoftheDrill.com.


Usage: Use of the beat requires that you credit in the titleΒ (Prod. by 3 Lack On Da Beat x 05). NO Exceptions. Any Social Media use of the beat requires credit in the caption also.

The FREE version of this beat is available for subscribers for non-profit, evaluation purposes only. This means YouTube or Soundcloud use with NOΒ monetization. The free version of this beat isΒ NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music etc.Β Any questions regarding the usage of the beat, please contact the producer for further information.

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Producer: 3 Lack On Da Beat

Producer: 05

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