BG Fooley – Killem Wit Vibez

You've heard Vibez by @DaBaby, the popular song was released last year. But have your heard BG Fooley's unofficial remix called "Killem Wit Vibez"? #BGFooley

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Rapper: BG Fooley

Song Description

Ya’ll need to tap in with BG Fooley, he’s a talented individual and artist. Check out his music video for his remix of Da Baby‘s hit song “Vibez”, which currently has 94 million views on YouTube. BG Fooley put his own spin on the popular track, he called it “Killem Wit Vibez”, and introduces us to the notorious FORTAY Draco! In this song, Fooley gives his outlook and opinion on the current stage of the world, and the music industry. All I need y’all to do is ‘listen’ as there is an important message to take away from this remix!

For those wondering about the beat, it was produced by hit-making Hip-Hop producer @JetsonMade.

Here’s what the YouTube supporters had to say about “Killem Wit Vibez” remixed by BG Fooley:

  • I’m here to laugh and be entertained LOL – Ur Ladi
  • I see you, boy.πŸ˜„ Aye dat shit funny as hell.😁 We lit.πŸ”₯😎CamTron954
  • When you at the BET awards I want to go – shauntrice.harriel.488
  • ❀️❀️ – Tyasia mccray
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Don’t forget to support BG Fooley by downloading or streaming his EP “Still” and by following him on his Social Networks. The download for “Killem Wit Vibez” is not available, not until Da Baby puts him on the official remix! Regardless if that happens or not, did you enjoy what you just listened to, if so, spread the fire and share with your friends! #BGFooley #KillemWitVibez #DaBaby

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