Bigg Kiaa – Nightmare On 3rd St

Watch the music video for Bigg Kiaa's new song called 'Nightmare On 3rd St'. The song is off her EP titled 'They Love Bigg Kiaa', out now and available on most platforms. The video was shot by @DaddyFatChops. #TheyLoveBiggKiaa #GoKiaa

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Rapper: Bigg Kiaa

Media Description

Check out the official music video for Bigg Kiaa’s ‘Nightmare On 3rd St’, off her 2020 EP titled ‘ They Love Bigg Kiaa’. That project is out now and available on all platforms. The video was shot by @DaddyFatChops and it was edited by @Daniel_Weiser. Bigg Kiaa is an American rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She’s going to be a name to watch out for in Hip-Hop.

#NO3RDΒ  is a Halloween themed music video. It depicts Bigg Kiaa’s journey through a lucid dream, where she slowly comes to the realization, her dream is a horror flick. Plot twist, she can’t escape the terror because she’s the Serial Killer, and star of the movie!

Here’s what the supporters are saying about Bigg Kiaa’s “Nightmare On 3rd St” on YouTube:

” I saw this on recommended and this gone blow up ” – Malieya Sky

” πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ them visuals cuzzo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ you did that πŸ’―πŸ₯Ά ” – Romann Broussard

” This scary and hard at the same time …… I like it 😭🀟🏽 ” – Demarkus 7223

” Gotta react to this one sheshhhhh🀯πŸ”₯ ” – GhettoV2

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