Cassidy – Can’t Do It Alone ft. Lazarus & Devon Culture

The music video for Cassidy's new song "Can't Do It Alone" has been released. It features Lazarus and Devin Culture. A WSHH Exclusive, Directed by Kris Kraft. Out now and available on all platforms. #CantDoItAlone

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Rapper: Cassidy

Rapper: Lazarus

Rapper: Devon Culture

Producer: Crooklyn Beatz

Song Description

Take a listen to this hit song from Cassidy, Lazarus and Devon Culture, called “Can’t Do It Alone”. This a collaboration between a few artists and shows what happens when talent collides. Not to mention they’re very close to joining the ‘Million Views Club‘ on YouTube. We’re very excited for all the artists on this track, and hope to see them use this momentum to put out more fire music. The video was directed by Kris Kraft, and is an Original Kraft presentation. Kris Kraft has other work out with Everyday Sunny and Tia Rose. The beat for this banger was produced by Crooklyn Beatz.

Cassidy is a Philly rapper and if you haven’t heard about this artist, then you got a lot of music and rap battles to enjoy. One of the rawest rappers to bless the mic, and killing rappers since the early 00’s. Lazarus is the stage name of Kamran Rashid Khan, a Detroit-based American rapper, songwriter and physician of Pakistani descent. He is known for his singles “GODFLOW”, “Break The Walls” and “Man On A Mission”. Devon Culture is a singer/vocalist and welcomes us to his Culture Club! Sit down and relax and enjoy the sultry sound of R&B that he’s bringing.

Here’s what the supporters had to say about Cassidy, Lazarus and Devon Culture’s “Can’t Do It Alone” track:

  • not everyone can do battle rap also make dope songs, salute to cassidy – TÜRKÜN GÜCÜ REMİX
  • Why doesn’t music like this get played on the radio these days!?? – Alexsi YouTube
  • Lazarus a real life doctor who treated patients all during Covid, that’s what he rapping about too, crazy – Suddi YT
  • Sad that music like this won’t be played on the radio cause of the Positivity it brings. – Sukwan Thomas
  • This is a song that’s got every part done right, perfect chorus beat and verses to complement, it’s a hit – Allein
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