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Watch one of the most anticipated rap battles to drop in 2021. Cassidy and hitman holla square off on stage for this verbal warfare. courtesy - max out 2 coming soon. #rbe #maxout

If you didn’t watch the Faceoff yet, I would recommend checking it out first. There’s references in the battle that may go over your head if you didn’t see this. Not to mention, it got very heated.

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Rapper: Cassidy

Rapper: Hitman Holla

Media Description

Here’s the full battle and the heated Faceoff between Cassidy and Hitman Holla. This battle has had Hip Hop heads and the battle rap community buzzing the past couple months. Now it’s finally here, Bars is Back vs Ball Game. Kick back, get yourself right – and enjoy the entertainment that Rare Breed Entertainment has given to us. Also, check out RBE’s website by going to:

” CASSIDY VS HITMAN HOLLA EPIC RAP BATTLE. Watch the epic rap battle that was one of the most talked about matchups ever and broke view records while trending many times across the country. Also check out the viral faceoff between Cassidy and Hitman Holla that set the stage for this huge rivalry. RBE continues to release some of the best RAP BATTLES and Battle Rap Content within the hiphop culture. ” – Rare Breed Ent

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