China Mac x Rich Starz x Ak Da Gwala – Not That Tuff

Watch the music video for China Mac x Rich Starz x Ak Da Gwala's song titled "Not That Tuff".  The beat was produced by Lucidreamz and the video was shot by RoyVisualz.

China Mac’s music videos are always entertaining to watch. RoyVisualz and whoever helped come up with mask/costume designs and props for this video were spectacular. Overall this contagious collaboration of China Mac, Rich Starz, Ak Da Gwala, Lucid Dreamz and RoyVisualz was infectious and I can see it spreading in a rapid manner. 

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Rapper: China Mac

Rapper: Rich Starz

Rapper: Ak Da Gwala

Producer: Lucidreamz

Videographer: RoyVisualz

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