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Crudded Badz - Millionaire Poor Boy has been released. The UK rapper dropped the album including songs such as One Hundred Days, A15 and Marradona.

The UK has been putting out some great drill music as of late, to add to that collection is Crudded Badz with his album called “Millionaire Poor Boy”. The album contains 11 songs and has a run time of approx. 27 minutes. It includes songs such as One Hundred Days, A15, Marradona, G So Gassed and Finesse F. All the beats on this album are fire though, if we get the heads up on the producer(s), we will update this post and share that information with ya’ll. With features on the album Lz Ot and Loochie Money.

Crudded Badz Millionaire Poor Boy is a must-listen for any UK Drill music supporter. We will guarantee you won’t be disappointed and chances are you’ll want to download the album after listening to it. Crudded Badz is a rapper hailing out of Great Britain and you can watch his “Hoods Hottest (Season 2)” video on SoundoftheDrill.

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Rapper: Crudded Badz

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