DJ Khaled – Khaled Khaled (2021)

Download or Stream the new album from DJ Khaled called 'Khaled Khaled'. Packed with features from your favorite artists such as, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Da Baby, Lil Durk, Meghan Thee Stallion and many more. Start to finish, it's pure perfection!

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Producer/DJ: DJ Khaled

Album Description

DJ Khaled returns to give us his 12th studio album, titled ‘Khaled Khaled’. The album is packed with hit songs, that are already doing big numbers online on various platforms, as well as receiving radio play. Songs such as ‘Let It Go’, ‘Every Chance I Get’, ‘Popstar’, ‘Greece’ andWhere You Come From. DJ Khaled’s project has features with a lot of chart-topping artists like Justin Bieber, 21 Savage, Migos, Meghan Thee Stallion, Drake, Jay-Z and Nas just to name a few.

Khaled Khaled has 14 hit songs on the album with a run time of approximately 55 minutes. Great music for a new generation of listeners. Khaled found the perfect formula of incorporating some nostalgic Hip-Hop classics with today’s artists. Allowing Hip-Hop heads of all age to be able to listen and enjoy this album. Let’s not forget about that huge Reggae Anthem, ‘Where You Come From’ . Khaled is even holding it down for the Reggae Music supporters once again. Truthfully, does DJ Khaled ever disappoint?

Here’s what the supporters are saying about DJ Khaled’s ‘Khaled Khaled’ album:

” Khalid said literally said β€œMUSICIANS ASSEMBLE!” ” – Alvin Niclaus Njiraini

” I swear dj khaled be bringin the best of the artist out with the wild beats ” – Sssss

” This is not another one…this is the ONE!! ” – Ndobs

” I’m gonna think real hard about the happiest moment in my life, and compare it to DJ Khalid wrestling an alligator. ” – Rob Brown

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Tracklisting and Preview
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