Dre A.M. – Barely Alive

Watch the music video for Dre A.M. "Barely Alive". This was the first track released from his latest ep titled 'Manic Depression For Dummies' out now. #Underground

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Rapper: Dre A.M.

Media Description

Do you ever feel tormented inside? If so, you’ll be able to relate to the words in the new song “Barely Alive” by NY underground artist Dre A.M. The song is from his 2nd EP titled ‘Manic Depression For Dummies’ aka MDFD. They did a great job with the music video, the film and footage presents us with a dark/eerie setting. Which matches up perfectly with the lyrics that Dre A.M. strings together throughout his verses.Β 

Who is Dre A.M.? He’s an underground rapper that comes from Queens, New York. Additionally, he’s one tenth of the underground super group Internet Strangers. With his dense wordplay and a great feel for the pocket, Dre A.M. is one the talented lyricists that you’ve never heard of yet. Inspirations coming from artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, JID, Aesop Rock and more. Dre A.M. breathes new life into the underground scene with his unique style, while juggling heavy handed topics such as self isolation, suicide, anxiety and more.

” Damn! Now this is a whole ass production my broπŸ”₯ The intro justifies the title and the location is on point, that abandoned house looks litπŸ’― Great music video! ” – Noodl Beats

” Simple but dope visual. For real ” – The Real CEO

Absolutely incredible. Continue to create quality music with the talent you’ve been given. ‘Existence is’ indeed, ‘very contrived.’ Ever onward, comrade. ” – Sanders Maurice Foulke III

Don’t forget to support Dre A.M. by downloading or streaming “By Alive” (or the whole M.D.F.D EP) below and by following him on his Social Networks. If you enjoyed what you just listened to, share the music with your friends! #ManicDepressionForDummies #MDFD

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