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Watch the music video for Example's song called "All Night" featuring model Erin McNaught. The song was released as a single on Staneric Recordings/AWAL. #ExampleMusic

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Producer/Rapper: Example

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Example is an English musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. “All Night” is a single from Example that features Erin McNaught (Australian/British model and actress). She is also married to the award-winning artist. This single was released under Staneric Records/AWAL. Example’s most recent album was released in 2020 is called “Some Nights Last For Days”, which can be downloaded or streamed in our Albums and Mixtapes section.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his current project:

” It’s rap. It’s hip-hop. I don’t care what you want to call it. All I can say is it’s the purest, most effortless body of work I’ve ever made. I’ve always played down my ability as a rapper… I never felt ‘welcome to the party’, but after this you’re gonna know some levels. ” – Example

YouTubers had this to say about All Night by Example:

” This is honestly such a banger, had this on repeat Saturday night with the lads. Still killing it Example πŸ”₯ ” – Seatin Man of Legends

” From Italy, i love this songπŸ’― ” – Maya Morrison

” When you come back from the club still mashed and you carry on the rave at home ” – Jack Nicholls


Only one place we wanna be
Only need the crew plus me
Don’t know who we’re gonna see
But I heard they play a couple CD’s

8 quid for a G&T
Probably gonna spill it on my jeans
Don’t really care honestly
Cos I only need the crew plus me

We stay
All Day
Just Vibes
We Slide

All Day, All Night

All Night (x4)

I don’t stop I don’t sleep
Cos I only need the crew plus me

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