Example – Some Nights Last For Days (2020)


Example released his 2020 album called "Some Nights Last For Days" released under Staneric Recordings/AWAL. With features from DJ Yoda, Harry Shotta, P Money, Professor Green, PAV4N, Violet Vergio and more! #ExampleMusic

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Producer/Rapper: Example

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Example is an English musician, singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer. Earlier this week we posted his song called All Night which was a Rave-Hop or Hip-House vibe. Now we’re going to share Example’s newest project “Some Nights Last For Days” that dropped in 2020, released under Staneric Records/AWAL. 

Some Days Last For Nights is Example’s 7 album released and has 15 songs for a run time of approximately 55 minutes. The album has features from DJ Yoda, Harry Shotta, P Money, Professor Green, Violet Vergio, Doc Brown, Sway Dasafo, Love Fame Tragedy, Fekky and Rationale.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his current project:

” It’s rap. It’s hip-hop. I don’t care what you want to call it. All I can say is it’s the purest, most effortless body of work I’ve ever made. I’ve always played down my ability as a rapper… I never felt ‘welcome to the party’, but after this you’re gonna know some levels. ” – Example

YouTubers had this to say about All Night by Example:

” Absolute bangers 🔥 good man example 👍🏼 ” – Richie Is The Name

” What an album. 🔥🎤🔥Example sets levels with this. 💯✊🏽💯👊🏽 ” – SK4M. Ranger Of  The North.

” Example with rap album? Yes! I was thinking that will never happen again. ” – Milian Riedel

Don’t forget to support Example by downloading or streaming “Some Nights Last For Days” below and by following him on his Social Networks. If you enjoyed what you just listened to, share with your friends! #SupportGoodMusic

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