FBG Duck – What The Hell (prod. by Trey P)

Watch the music video for FBG Duck's latest song called "What The Hell". The beat was produced by Trey P and the video was shot by AMarioFilm. #BigClout

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Rapper: FBG Duck

Producer: Trey P

Videographer: AMarioFilm

Media Description

AMarioFilm gives us the music video and visuals for FBG Duck’s latest song called “What The Hell”. AMF visuals are always on point and his videos are enjoyable to watch. Also, he’s very professional with his services and business approach. I recommend reaching out to him if your looking for any video or film editing services.

“What The Hell” hits differently. The chill beat was cooked up by producer/rapper/singer Trey P. FBG Duck’s approach to this one is laid back as well, but still gives off a “don’t f*ck with me” type feel. Unfortunately there are now download options for this song. When they become available, we will update this post. Lil Chris x FBG Duck Southwest is avalable for download or streaming in our Albums and Mixtapes section on SoundoftheDrill.

Here’s what the YouTube supporters have to say about FBG Duck’s “What The Hell”:

” This mans work ethic was untouchable. His longevity, talent, and progress is legendary ” – Christopher Love

” Long Live FBG Duck πŸ¦† a real Legend not just in Chicago but in Louisiana 2 ” – Block Breeders Entertainment

” no cap i still feel like his death aint real……just hard to believe he gone fly high duck ” – NoSlipUps

” LONG LIVE BIG CLOUT πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ™ ” – White Rabbit

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