FYB J Mane x Billionaire Black – 30 Shots (prod. by MicroBeatz x Digi Prada)

Watch the official music video for FYB J Mane & Billionaire Black's track called "30 Shots". The beat was produced as a collaborative project bewtween Digi Prada & MicroBeatz. Music video by Fat Belly Filmz.

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Rapper: FYB J Mane

Rapper: Billionaire Black

Producer: Digi Prada

Producer: MicroBeatz

Director: Fat Belly Filmz

Song Description

FYB J Mane and Billionaire Black give us the visuals for their new song “30 Shots”. Both artists have been releasing songs or remixes to artists tracks, and they’re really making noise in the drill and trap communities. 30 Shots has such an infectious vibe to it, that it’s hard to resist replaying. Speaking about the vibe, that fire beat you’re hearing was produced by Digi Prada & MicroBeatz. The music video was done by Fat Belly Filmz, and recently we’ve been seeing some heat from this videographer/director, stay tuned for more.Β Β 

Here’s what the supporters are saying about “30 Shots” by FYB J Mane and Billionaire Black:

  • FYB J Mane is the best mixture of disrespectful, and good lyrics/energy and flow… Perfect mix… He’s as disrespectful as he is good at riding the beat… Fucking amazing – King Pap
  • Great song without Dissing πŸ™ – ExtraaRAGE
  • This hard bumping this in FRESNO CENTRAL KILLAFONIA – Professsor Finesser
  • β€œFeelin like Freddy might come thru yo dream, feel like the grudge might come thru the screenπŸ’€πŸ₯·πŸΎπŸ˜­β€ – NightOwlBeast
  • This song is raw, that beat is sick and Jmane carried on this one.. I thought Black was gonna spaz on a beat like this… but this is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ – StuntinHard317
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