Fyndee Boyy – Goat Of The Trenches

Album Description

Fyndee Boyy releases his album titled "Goat Of The Trenches" on Apple Music and Spotify. Have you listened to it yet?

The album consists of 15 tracks with a run time of approximately 42 minutes. It was released just before 2020 ended. With features on the album from Ayoo KD, BJ 2X, MackBayBii, GMac, Doe Cavinchy900 and others. This album includes songs such as Do Nun, Slide Again, Good Luck (Intro), Pray and Next Opp. If you like Drill music, then we think you’ll enjoy the songs that Fyndee Boyy put together for us on Goat Of The Trenches. Fyndee Boyy recently did an interview with the Chris Barnes Show, which you can watch now on SOTD.

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Tracklisting and Preview

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Rapper: Fyndee Boyy

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