Harman – Karma (lyric-video)

R&B is another new genre we'll be covering on SOTD. On our search for talent, we came across Toronto Singer Harman and his song called "Karma". We think you'll enjoy his sound and vibe so we sharing the lyric video. #HSPSound

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Singer: Harman

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Toronto, Canada is our next stop for new talent as our genre’s expand on SoundoftheDrill. This time we’ve stumbled onto an R&B singer that goes by the name of Harman. We’ve listened to a few of his R&B and Pop tracks and we have to say we’re impressed with this artists style and vibe. Harman’s newest song called “Karma” has potential to be a huge hit in the industry. The song gives off a Weeknd-ish type feel to it, and makes us wonder – what if Harman and The Weeknd made a remix to Karma!

There’s still a chance for that to happen, this is only the lyric video for Harman’s newest song. Maybe we’ll see #TheWeeknd in the official music video when it gets released.Β 

Here’s what the supporters on YouTube have to say about the potential hit song “Karma”:

” Jeez the world is not ready. Harman is about to take over ” – Irwin Buhain

” Track of the year. ” – The Crane Apparel

” 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩 ” – Harveer Cheema

” Instant classic ” –Β Danial Shirali

Don’t forget to support Harman (HSP Sound) by downloading or streaming “Karma” below and by following him on his Social Networks. If you enjoyed what you just listened to, share with your friends! #Karma #RnBmusic #HSPSound

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