Huncho Neno – Who You Know (Prod. by M.M.B)

Watch the music video for Huncho Neno's song called 'Who You Know'. The beat was produced by @MMBbangin and the video filmed by @ShotbyKid. #AtlantaHipHop

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Rapper: Huncho Neno

Album Description

Huncho Neno released the music video for his song called ‘Who You Know’. The song was officially released in 2019 on his project titled “Facts Ova Feelins (2019)“. The beat was produced by M.M.B, @MMBbangin on Instagram. The video was filmed by Planet Kid, @ShotbyKid on Instagram. Huncho Neno has been dropping music consistently. Since Facts Ova Feelings in 2019, he’s released another 7 projects – with his latest 2021 releases being ‘Strictly Business 4‘ and ‘Young Bread Chaser 3‘. He’s an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

A couple months ago, Huncho did an interview with Dirty Glove Bastard. Huncho tells us how he got his name, inspirations, situations and more. Click the link below to watch the interview on YouTube courtesy DGB:

Here’s what the supporters are saying about Huncho Neno’s ‘Who You Know’ on YouTube:

” my favorite song by him tho idc ” – Ashley Anderson

” Keep them coming back 2 back lil Brodie πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ” – Odell Winslow

” Huncho you fire dawg πŸ”₯ ” – Macy Tonio

” Dope asf love that flow sick video!πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ’― ” – Rollen Green

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