King AK 47 Interviews Ayoo KD About The Whole Situation He Was In

Ayoo KD and King AK Fortyseven go live and discuss certain situations, FBG Duck and the music scene in Chicago.

King AK Fortyseven asks Ayoo KD all the questions that the fans and supporters wanted answered during this exclusive live interview. Ayoo KD addresses the situation that unfolded between him and some other people from Chicago.

They also talk about Ayoo KD’s music, Fyndee Boyy and about how he knew FBG Duck (RIP). I don’t want to give out to much more, or misquote anything from either AK or KD. So take a watch for yourself and enjoy the interview. You can also watch the new music video for Ayoo KD’s song called “Chainzz” with BJ2x and Fyndee Boyy.

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Rapper: Ayoo KD

Content Creator: King AK 47

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