Mariah Valentino – Mind Games

Mariah Valentino gives us her brand new song called "Mind Games", out now and available on all platforms. Ladies will definitely enjoy her latest banger! #Empire

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Singer: Mariah Valentino

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We’ve been doing our best to keep our eyes open for talent, and new artists. That’s exactly what we found when we landed on Mariah Valentino’s pages. The singer/lyricist is up-and-coming, but she’s already releasing heat. Check out the audio-only for her new song called “Mind Games”, ladies we think y’all going to like this one. Read below to see where Mariah Valentino gets her passion for music, and what motivates her!Β 

All my life I have been influenced by the music world. Coming from a family of musicians I spent 12 years in choir. My nana influenced me me to continue even when I felt like I couldn’t. So I kept my promise to her continuing on. Finally I reached the point in my life where I worked hard enough to get to where I am today. This being my first single released under Empire one of the many major labels πŸ™πŸ½ I am thankful for those who support me & thankful for my family that pushed me to succeed! – Mariah Valentino

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