Mawule x Codakolor – Red Light

Mawule and Codakolor team up to give us their new song called "Red Light". Released under Mawule Music Group.

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Singer: Mawule
Producer: Codakolor
Media Description

Mawule is a R&B/Soul singer, songwriter and music business entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and grew up in Denver, CO – After him and his family moved here January 2nd 2000.  

Mawule’s music is thought-provoking, honest, soothing and empowering. He has a passion for human connection and it’s noticeable in his music. Covering topics such as: social justice, diversity, relationships, and other subject matters all crowned in a cloak of deep lyrics and catchy rhythms.

Codakolor is an EDM producer from Denver, CO. SOTD will have to get familiar with the music catalog as it was a new name for us. Perfect timing with the launch of our EDM section though. You can expect to see more from Codakolor and Mawule on SoundoftheDrill.

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