MaxThaDemon – The Godfather

NYC Drill Rapper MaxThaDemon brings us the music video and amazing visuals for his song called "The Godfather", directed by @RookDirector. Additional credits go to Frankie Fire.

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Rapper: MaxThaDemon

Media Description

Watch the music video for MaxThaDemon’s song called “The Godfather” directed by Rook with additional credits to Frankie Fire. The concept for the music video was genius and the storyboard is flawless, the visuals smoothly transition as the song plays through the frames. One of my favorite music videos to be released to date. Kudos to the director and editor. Now, onto the music.

MaxThaDemon is a New York Drill artist. He sparked the flame for himself in 2019 when he released his album called “Double Baccin” featuring songs like 911 and Speak On It, which made it onto WSHH. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Max released two albums in 2020, called “Demon Season (Vol. 1 and 3)” and many popular singles such as “4 Quarters” and “The Godfather”.

Here’s what the YouTube supporters have to say about the music video and song:

” Whoo ever filmed this definitely deserves more credit ” – Costa xvc

” That’s no cap, all the shots that we throw never throw back, turn your bro into pictures and throwbacks” that shit hard tho ” – Justin

” I like how he actually put the godfather main theme and did something to it NYC on a different levelπŸ₯ΆπŸ—½ ” – yurryadier

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