Neonix – Spacewalk

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Producer: Neonix

Producer: Akeos

Neonix - Spacewalk off Black Ops XL III Mixed By Akeos. Never Say Die Records, Black Label.

You need to have your headphones or good computer speakers for this one, playing through your phone alone won’t do it justice! Whenever you’re ready, click play and enjoy the Spacewalk that Neonix takes you on. After the first minute, you’ll feel like you’re part of the NASA team heading out to repair the ISS. Here’s what the supporters are saying on YouTube:

That sub work is amazing – Sauce God


Akeos Blacks Ops III is his mix project featuring various EDM artists. Released by Never Say Die Records (Black Label) at the end of 2020. Unfortunately, on March 16th NSD: Black Label had posted the following on Facebook:Β 

Tomorrow marks 7 years since the first Black Label release.
The next will be our last 🐍

Want to read the full statement made on their Facebook page: Click Here.

You can listen to the song or stream the full Black Ops III album on SoundoftheDrill. Share with your friends and don’t forget to like/follow/subscribe to all the artists, all of their links can be found below the media.

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