No Jumper interviews Rooga, Talks About FBG Duck And Gang Culture

Rooga on Losing His Cousin FBG Duck & Chicago Gang Culture's Impact on The World

Rooga candidly shares about growing up with his cousin FBG Duck, making plans on getting out the hood together, becoming bigger artists, traveling the world, making money, helping their families, until Duck’s untimely passing.

They also talk about the Gang Culture in Chicago, how fans and outsiders have actually made things worse:

“People from the outside looking in glorify it, adding fuel to the fire and making it worse”

They also talk about FBG Duck, King Von and peace talks. Also how social media and the negativity around the beefs are escalating situations. Tells us how we can all help to keep FBG Duck’s name alive and keep the legacy going.

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Rapper: Rooga

Content Creator: No Jumper

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