Shqiptar – GPS ft. Osama GBS & Nikky Santoro

Watch the music video for deutsch rapper Schqiptar's new song called "GPS" featuring osama obs and nikky santoro. The song was mixed and mastered by @SaschaBusy, and the video was directed by @lebrown_film.

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Rapper: Schqiptar

Rapper: Osama OBS

Rapper: Nikky Santoro

Media Description

Next stop for SoundoftheDrill, Deutschland! Check out the music video for Schqiptar’s song called GPS featuring Osama OBS and Nikky Santoro. Truthfully, I’m not entirely sure where the artists are all from, so we’re just going to say their representing German/Deutsch Hip-Hop. This song is gaining popularity on YouTube and it just broke 75K views. The music video was directed by le’ Brown, and the song was mixed and mastered by Sasha Busy.

Here’s what the YouTube supporters have to say about the music video and song:

” Osama einfach ein beast ” – 587 Enes

” Wieso hat es ein Dislike obwohl der Track noch nicht draußen ist. Sone NichtsgΓΆnner ” – LilMoulif Music

” Nikky Santoro is back!!!! ” – Shadow KnifeZz

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