Six Portalz – Billy Mays

Six Portalz releases the audio-only for his new song Billy Mays. We came across Six Portalz music browsing on #TikTok. Do you think this song deserves a music video?

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Rapper: Six Portalz

Media Description

Came across Six Portalz while on TikTok after posting on our channel (Do you use TikTok? follow us!). He had jumped up in our timeline, with the snippet for his song called “Billy Mays”. The quick clip was nice, so naturally I had to listen to the full thing. The lyrics in this track are dope and Six Portalz shares a bit of his life trials with us, through the rhymes. Do you think this song deserves a music video?

See what YouTube supporters are saying about this song:

” Been here for every day for a week at least 10 times a day. waiting for this banger to hit 1M views. much respect and love from Japan. keep it up bro. ” –
Kazuhiro Matsumura

” This a future classic ” – Vammy Tsunami

” No cap 🧒 your my favorite artist πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ ” – Musical MADNESS

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