Slug Jeezy x Jacksound – Make It Hot

Summer is here, lets get the heatwave started. Slug Jeezy and Jacksound have released their latest club banger called "Make It Hot".


Artist: Slug Jeezy

Producer: Jacksound

Media Description

Take a listen to the new club banger by Slug Jeezy and Jacksound, called “Make It Hot”. The duo released the song a couple months ago, and it’s starting to gain momentum online. Perfect timing now that summer is here, and Covid-19 restrictions seem to be loosening up globally. As more cities and countries enter new phases of re-opening, hopefully it’ll include bars and patio’s that way we can enjoy some form of nightlife. DJ’s you’ll want to include “Make It Hot” into your sets and mixes, it’ll get the dancefloors jumping and people moving to the music.

This will be Jacksound’s second featured track on SoundoftheDrill. When the site was in it’s beginning stages, we shared his song called “Bounce”. If you didn’t listen to it yet,Β  you can check it out by clicking here. We look forward to hearing more music and collaborations from the Indonesian-based musician and DJ. As for Slug Jeezy, it was the first time hearing of the artist, but this track was impressive. We’ll have to keep our eyes open, to watch for more songs.

Here’s what the supporters had to say about “Make It Hot” by Slug Jeezy and Jacksound:

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