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SoundoftheDrill gets a remix done! We had to change the look and vibe of things on here. Since we're going Worldwide with it. Read below to see what's been added to SOTD's website.

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SOTD supporters and artists that use the website, welcome back! A couple weeks off, we’ve got some catching up to do now. Going into overdrive mode the next few days, so expect to see SOTD around on Social Media, toss us like if you can (and if you’re not following yet, it’s never too late). Speaking of Social Media, let’s get into some of the new changes on

Website Changes
  • We now have our Social Presence available on SOTD too. You can see the Instagram widget in the sidebar when you’re viewing a post.

    In addition to the widget, we’ve also added our “On Social Media” page which you can get to from the main navigation menu, if you scroll over the “Home” button a drop-down menu will appear. Or you could bookmark this page: Social Media Network

  • The logo and look of the website has been changed. This was a change that we felt was necessary in order to extend and widen our audience. With the direction of SoundoftheDrill going solely to Music Only, we wanted to expand which genres we’re currently playing. In order to do this, we needed to make the site accessible to everyone. Our last logo and look was amazing, but that rough and rugged look may not have been appealing to all audiences.

    The new theme also has a better overall mobile and laptop layout now, which makes using our website a lot more accessible regardless of the device you’re using. If anyone notices any issues, please let us know that way we can resolve them.

  • Also new, we’re #NowPlaying: R&B, Reggae, International Hip-Hop & EDM too!
    We’ve added those genres into our mix of music. If That’s you, submit your media! We want to hear it.
  • Language Translator (located in the navigation menu). If we’re going International with it, the audience needs to be able to read the content. Give it a try and see if it works in your native language.

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