Svdden Death – Confusion Spell

Watch the music video for Svdden Death's new song called 'confusion spell'. The video was directed and edited by @schafferbrady @zhovisuals. The dancer was @_miss_powers_ and the knight was @IXIA7L. Enjoy the suspenseful visual!

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Producer: Svdden Death

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Take a look at this music video for Svdden Death’s song called ‘Confusion Spell’.Β The story-telling, visual masterpiece was directed and edited by Schaffer Brady & Holly Singh. The dancer in the video was played by Regan Powers and the knight was played by Dylan Drew.Β  We have to respect art like this, be sure to click on the artists names and give them a follow too. Confused? Enter the Voyd!

Here’s what the supporters had to say about Svdden Death ‘Confusion Spell’Β on YouTube:

” sitting in that chat tonight for edc seeing people get scared/mad at your set was wonderful, Danny you have created the experience I always wanted from EDM. There’s no bullshit, it’s just anger, no “get fucked up hahaah! bass in your face!!!” it’s just “you’re here for the feeling” and it’s super inspiring. I will support this forever, it reminds me of when I was 16 going to terror shows in basements and it gives me the same feeling of letting out an emotion nothing else lets me release. Thank you for what you do homie. ” – Mr.Wobbles

” this is beautifully terrifying ” – Exron Music

” When you uploaded this one a while ago on SoundCloud I couldn’t believe my ears, proud to write that I broke my neck today in front of this recorded masterpiece. πŸ–€ ” – Azel

” This is so damn good, especially that second drop! ” – TylaDubya

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